Print mailing

When you want to send your offers to potential and current clients, you can use our services.

We will present your offer:
Every Wednesday our subscribers expect newsletters with selected information, special offers and promotions. After receiving the newsletter you can report the effect of it on inquiries, calls and e-mails that you will receive. We can demonstrate you this with examples of our customers and our activity, because we post this newsletter more than 7 years.
We do not send spam messages and do not sell databases.

We do not abuse the trust of our audience, that’s why we organize preliminary discussions with you aimed to clear how to serve your offers, so as to trigger the interest, not the opposite of the desired effect.

Whether we do invitations to events or post a special offer on our sites, we always target precisely the recipients who have given us permission to receive a mailing from us.
Print mailing

You have all the tools to print your hardcopy offers or invitations to potential customers. We know the particular names to whom they should reach. We can send them for you, and then make telephone contact with the recipients.

This way of organization of your PR or direct mailing will save you time so you can focus on their main job.