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This is the only one Bulgarian catalog for companies working in field of printing industry – printing houses and dealers of equipment and supplies. The catalog is on the market for four years and is the most comprehensive database which shows who is who on Bulgarian print market.

We have collected 1100 companies - only manufacturers and dealers who can demonstrate their abilities to potential clients.

The catalog is expensive, luxurious and impressive – the quality that the printing industry deserves.

Circulation – 500
Periodicity – 1 issue per year

For each issue we choose special first cover to show new or extra ordinary print technology or material.


For printers – 350 of the circulation is distrubuted to advertising agencies, prepress and design studios, marketing and advertising managers in the big companies .

For traders – 150 of the circulation is distributed to printers, companies in the branch, universities, special events and trade shows.

350 copies of the catalog are personalized.
We know the name and the company of each recipient for all the 500 copies, even if they are send as a gift or sold in our e-magazine.

Pricing Polygraphy, INFO 2015 catalogue