Online catalog

Our online catalog possesses the richest data base with over 2000 suppliers, manufacturers and advertising agencies and their product and services on the Bulgarian market.

Banner Ads

Premium Ad in a unique portal of 6 related website, all dedicated to print technology. The most visible promotional spots to not go unnoticed by potential customers.

Print Catalog

Who is who on the Bulgarian print market? All this information is collected in one yearly luxury, creative and personalized edition “Polygraphy Info”.

Testing and Benchmarking of products

Our specialists are professionals in print and publishing, and can conduct quality test of your printing equipment and to assess its capabilities. Bulgarian suppliers and vendors use our tests as a reference to clients.

Our web services

Web design, creation of websites, online shops, catalogs, internet pages for print houses and suppliers of printing equipment.

PR and mailing services

We know best how to present the companies from the printing market to the internet, because we know print and we know online marketing rules and specifics.

Event Management

Whether you need a business breakfast, seminar, workshop, opening of printing facilities, or just event for more than 300 people, we can arrange it for you.

Media partnership

We offer media support for every meaningful event that promotes print technologies or advertising, and stands for development of that kind of business field.