Website development

More than 10 years we work with suppliers and manufacturers or print executors in the field of prepress and print technology and equipment. Our specialty is to present our clients to the internet consumer. And having advanced knowledge in every print technology, product and service, we can be more than just another web studio, but a team that understands your business and its needs.

Our team consists of not only programmers and designers, but machines operators, prepress professionals, product managers, and salesmen of print material – people who can analyze your workflow from many different angles. Your trust is safe with us, because we know how to bring out the best of your company in the most attractive way.

Дизайн и цялостно изграждане на корпоративен уеб сайт на ЕМА ООД.

Спортен клуб „ИПОН”
Дизайн и цялостно изграждане на сайта.

Copis 2016

Directa - corporate website, online catalog

web design, development, CMS panel, Bulgarian and English version, blog platform customization

AtPrint - corporate website

web development, CMS panel, multi-language support

dShare - corporate website

web development, CMS panel, local version customization


web development, CMS panel, local version customization

Tepede - corporate website, online catalog

CMS panel for online catalog

Promo website for workshop

promo website - web design, development, registration form, mailing module.

Promo website for Opendays

promo website - web design, development, registration form, mailing module.

Polymeta - company catalog

web development, CMS panel, online catalog

PrintMedia - corporate website

web design, development, CMS panel, Bulgarian and English version

Blog platform - web design, development, CMS panel

Polygraphy Info - online catalog

online catalog, 2 200 companies index, 34 categories
special index for products and services, user access, registration accounts for clients, personalised statistics
VIP accounts, Standart accounts, free accounts

PrintGuide - News portal

News portal - web development
News, articles, video, blogosfera, publishing panel, social media plugins, download section

PrintGuide - Forum

installation and customisation, own design, Facebook plugins, development and administration.

PrintGuide - E-commerce

e-commerce platform, developed and integrated with the news portal
CMS panel, additional modules for delivery and management of stock availabilities.

Online Marketplace for new and used machines, equipment and supplies

Development, design, CMS panel, user interface, user registration

What we offer

Website development

Your website is the virtual face of your business. In our days, if your business does not exist in internet, it does not exist to the potential customers either. We can help you with your internet presence by building dynamic websites and giving you a Content management system (CMS). This is the easiest way for our client to be independent in building and updating the content of the website. The structure, the sections of the main page and their number, are defined entirely from the type of customers business. There are no limitations for pictures, graphics and video materials.

Online shop

If your desire is to sell your products online, or your products and services to be visible and available 24/7 to your potential customers, you need to have an online shop. We offer complete service of creation and design for online shops, but if the budget is limited we can also offer you suitable template platforms that we can configure with your domain and hosting and adopt to your needs.

Creation of online catalog

If your products do not suit well in an online shop, you can structure them into online portfolio catalog. This is the easiest way to inform your customers about the product in the portfolio, before they contact you. This information is available 24/7 and is strong instrument for making a sale.

Installation of Blog platform

If you need a free platform with open code, we can install it on your domain and hosting and adopt it to your needs. We can consult you for sources of design templates relevant to your corporate or your personal rules. And what’s more – we will consult you how to develop and grow your blog.

Promo website/Landing pages for events and ad campaigns

Often modern companies have well developed websites. However well targeted campaigns and events most certainly need separate promo websites or at least landing page that gives the information only that targeted audience want to know. Every advertising campaign should carry distinguishing message or promotion for the targeted customers only. Of course, advertisement in internet has its’ specifics and we are the professionals to know them.

Banners making

We create ad banners for most of our clients who advertise in our websites. We can create static, flash or dynamic banners. We can help you with the creative and copy write of the advertisement, to be more affective and effective to the audience. We can help you gain the attention and hits on your banner and to provoke your audience into action.